Set Review: 8072 - Sea Jet
by RJ of BlockTales


At the beginning of 2010 Lego Fans everywhere flocked to buy this small little impulse set. And what's it called, you say? Why, it's the Atlantis-themed 8072 - Sea Jet!


It can easily be said that this impulse is a Minifigure-centred set.


And that's nothing to be ashamed of since under the great helmet is some even greater printed parts. Also, I believe that that head is exclusive.


It also has some great double-sided printing including an gob-smacked expression.


On the subject of the titular Sea Jet, repoving one piece shows how many new parts there are in this set.


However, there is kind of an oxymoron here since the other parts are all pretty average.


That just proves that an impulse set cannot get away with just a Minifigure, which while good is pretty common if you plan to buy the other Atlantis sets.


And although I don't really judge a book by it's cover, the size of the instruction manual shows just how joyless the build was.

The Verdict:

This set is pretty much just spare part fodder. If you plan to buy the other Atlantis sets, the Minifigure is pretty redundant too. So there you have it, Lego have just made a branded spare parts set. That's all it should really be used for unless you are buying it as a one off or just out of impulse.

Set Review: 852777 - Magnet Set
by RJ of BlockTales


Well, the title doesn't give away much, but this set is the one set you find after you've already bought 8057 - Wreck Raider and 8073 - Manta Warrior. Yes! It's 852777 - Magnet Set (You know, the Atlantis one)!


Well, it doesn't look that much but looks can be very deceiving.


As usual, the new Magnet Sets are fully removable Minifigures on Stands. As an extra note, I was meant to get the diver with the beard and the eye-patch but for some reason I got this stubbly guy.


The Stands are just as useless as usual except these ones are blue! Great selling point there!


Oh yeah, the Stands also come with blue 1x2 plates attached. I suppose this is because of all three of the Minifigures having extended backs. (The Diver has his oxygen tanks, the Manta Warrior has the tail-thingy and the Shark Man has the fin.)


The Manta Warrior has a interesting face-print under his Manta Head. That looks like the Manta Man could be a fish!


Look at that stubbly man. It's kind of like a yellow skinned Indiana Jones.


With back print!


All three of the Minifigures are armed with weapons which is nice.


However, the quality of these new Trident Pieces isn't very high. They are very bendy and brittle and so the Atlantians just lost the fight to the Diver.

The Verdict:

This Magnet Set is of great value. But most importantly, If you just want the Minifigures, it saves you£2.47 from buying 8057 - Wreck Raider and 8073 - Manta Warrior, which is very good indeed. Definitely worth the £7.99 asking price.

Set Review: 7079 - Drawbridge Defense
by RJ of BlockTales


Ah yes, Minifig sets aside, we get a proper set! This one is in the 2009 Castle Line so it will soon be replaced with the disapointing looking Kingdoms.


As little RJ has just found out, this set is amazingly big for a £25 set!


It also has the classic numbered bags, 4 and two large pieces in this case.


A rather enjoyable build later...


Here are the minifig's: An exclusive and amazingly awesome Golden Knight, The 2008 Advent's Jester, An exclusive Queen, A Knight (a very generous addition with a new smirky face), Two Skeleton's (Black and White) and the Grim Reaper complete with horse. It's practically amazing value for just £25.


They are also very generously made, with back and leg printing! Especially the Golden Knight who has Leg Printing and (under printed-armour) chest and back printing! This is probably so we can't get a Pearl Gold Minifig without consulting eBay though.


The set itself is also pretty impressive with various nooks and cranny's.


The Drawbridge has a Lego Chain-made drawbridge that actually works.


Inevitably though, it has ugly Flick-Fires that don't necessarily work thanks to a Ballista that rotates.


It also has a little Dungeon/Cave/Troll-under-the-bridge's House.


To be honest, the spare parts are one of the biggest let downs!


To show how good this set is, look at this picture!

The Verdict:

This set is pure Gold (especially the Golden Knight!). For just £25 you have one of my favourite sets ever with lots of replay value and brilliant Minifigures. Before the disapointment that is Kingdoms Comes (two weeks in a row!) buy this set, you won't regret it!

Set Review: 852702 - Dwarf Warrior Battle Pack
by RJ of BlockTales


Alas, the age of Magnet Sets ends! Instead, I'm reviewing Dwarf Warrior Battle Pack. Shut up...


Pretty cool though, aren't they?


The set comes with a great wealth of very useful equipment: Double-sided Axes, Shields, a shovel, a pick-axe, a hammer, a torch, some ore and a barrel!


Underneath the armour we get a mixture of Crownie and Viking torsos and some normal heads.


Except from this great double-sided head.



The Verdict:

Brilliant simple brilliant... A wealth of equipment and some great figs for just under a tenner. Now, go out and buy this set before Kingdom Come(s).

Please don't hurt me.

Set Review: 852737 - Star Wars 10th Anniversary Stormtrooper Magnet
by RJ of BlockTales


Once again in the BlockTales Set Reviews: We have magnets. However today we have Star Wars 10th Anniversary Stormtrooper Magnet!


Ooooohhhhh..... Shiny!


Although this Stormtrooper is only worth lots because it is chrome - Lego haven't done a quality chrome paint job (as you can see in this picture).


And for some reason - the helmet just won't stay on!


Then you get just another Minifigure-holding Magnet.


These things are piling up now. I wonder what I could do with them...


I just thought of something...

The Verdict:

If you want a quality chrome Minifigure, go buy a different magnet set. This is just for show, and nothing else. Also, don't let the viewer see anything else of the Minifigure, or they'll see its just a badly painted Stormtrooper.

Oh yeah, don't show up tommorrow - I'm only doing the Reviews once a week so I don't run out of Sets.